Public Annex is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Portland, Oregon that provides accessible urban farming and arts programming, focusing on inclusivity of artists and farmers with disabilities.



Our mission is to break down systemic barriers that prohibit marginalized populations from inclusivity by building a community around accessible farming and art programming. 



Services we offer include but are not limited to open urban farming sessions, art and farming classes, lectures and workshops, social/educational groups, and artist representation.

Why art + farming? Perhaps seemingly unrelated, we believe in that both art and farming create spaces that people can meet on common ground. Art provides opportunities for self expression and non-traditional communication, farming provides opportunities for community and health, and both art and farming provide opportunities for creativity, independence and community. We strive to empower and connect people of all abilities and mobilities who share a passion for art and or farming to learn from each other. 

We utilize the spaces of other arts and urban farming organizations around Portland, Oregon to provide our programming. We believe that in partnering with other established organizations, we can further our mission of helping marginalized populations become included in communities and spaces that they have not historically been able to access.

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Our goal isn't simply to make resources available to artists with disabilities. It's to remove the stigma of disability and expand the understanding of what disability is. Our goal is to create programming that is accessible in every aspect, by all people. We aim to instigate conversations. We want to create a culture of sharing and collaboration. We need truthful exchanges that lead to meaningful changes in how we all think and act. We believe the way to do this is to knock down the physical and metaphorical ways that separate creative people. These sessions, classes, lectures and workshops are just a small step towards the truly integrated society we know can exist.