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provide an accessible, safe, meaningful and inclusive art experiences
for and by folx all across the disability spectrum. 

Collaborative Arts is a space for all people to be valued and celebrated for their
unique contributions, interpretations and experiences while creating art together.
Classes take place weekly on 11 week terms. There are four terms a year. That’s 44 classes a year!

  • If 25 people donate $5 per month, we could fund an entire Term of Collaborative Arts!

  • If 50 people donate $10 per month, we could fund an entire year of Collaborative Arts!

  • If 100 people donate $5 per month we could fund an entire year of Collaborative Arts!

  • Get wild! If YOU donate $50 per month for one year, you could fund all of the facilitator stipends
    and supplies for one term of Collaborative Arts.

One year of Collaborative Arts costs $6,000.
Help us fund 2020 by becoming a sustaining donor today.
We have a goal of raising $6,000 by the end of Summer term (Sept 4, 2019).
Funding 2020 now allows us to budget and expand the program.

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Artwork © Adam Burr
Image description: An illustration of three abstract characters. The one on the left has one eye, antennas and is standing on two legs on top of two chickens on either side. The center illustration has a large square head and is holding a bow tie in one hand and a radio in the other. The character on the right has a round spotted face with black stringy hair. They have a chicken on either side of them on leashes. The chickens have hearts on their chests.