Public Annex Strategic Plan - Dec 31, 2020

What + Why We Will Be Different in December 2020


No. 1

We will be better funded, with two paid staff (PT managing director and PT farm manager) and one social media contractor.

No. 2

What we do, who we are, and how we are distinguished from provider organizations and progressive studios* will be better understood. We want there to be a diverse selection of opportunities for people with I/DD. By asserting our differences we will create the opportunity for people to participate in what we do and have a stronger understanding of other inclusive resources and spaces in our community. By modeling a culture that is equitable and inclusive, we hope to connect with people who want to understand our culture and share our understanding of community practices.

*Term coined by Disparate Minds

No. 3

We want all participants in leadership to feel ownership and have a clear and specific understanding of their role and contribution. By offering members of our organization authority, accountability and responsibility their participation will be secure, will contribute back toward our mission, and our growth and trajectory will be sustained.